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Hand Signals by hapakitsune
Length – 1,619 PG
Spencer is in love with Jon. Jon is still lonely after Cassie. Takes place in 2008.

Here To Stay by preromantics
Length – 2,200 PG
It’s sort of simple, the first time. All first kisses are either simple or awkward, though, Jon figures.

Echolot by flimsy
Length – 2,300 PG
Spencer thinks he’s going to die. Well, not really, but he’s not happy right now, and it’s hot and muggy and their bus just broke down in the middle of nowhere. 


PG -13

Swear To Shake It Up by beingothrwrldly
Length – 1,100 PG – 13
Where Ryan loves words, Spencer loves sounds.

It’s About Time You Showed Up by beingothrwrldly
Length - 4,518 PG - 13
 "I told you," Tom says quietly, "I said, you can’t take pictures of love, dude, because it’s too strong to capture it on film."
“And I called bullshit,” Jon says

The Universe in Blue by streetstars
Length – 7,325 PG -13
 “You walk out of your hotel room and down the hall. Five doors down and you knock. One. Two. Three. The door opens and he smiles at you, bright eyed with blue and your lips crash with his like an accident. It’s all teeth and smiles and air and his tongue in your mouth and your tongue in his like it was holding the weight of your heart. “Stop me if you’ve heard this one.” He says, “Stop me right away.” 

My Milkshake by silver_etoile
Length – 11,600 PG – 13
Brendon is already reaching for Spencer’s float and eating a spoonful. Spencer doesn’t bother to stop him, listening to the jukebox change songs as someone puts in a nickel.
“The dance!” Brendon says, practically vibrating in his seat. “It’s gonna be the most!”

Spencer glances at him slowly. “A dance?”
“Like a sock hop only bigger!” Brendon cries happily.

Backwards by theficisalie
Length – 15,357 PG -13
Spencer loves his job, working as an accountant for underprivileged families. But one of Pete Wentz’s crazy rules is that they have to have a family. Spencer’s been single since college, but luckily, his roommate’s boyfriend’s best friend is up for the task. 

For I was an Earthly Knight by seimaisin
Length - 21,485 PG -13
Once upon a time, Jon Walker’s great-grandmother told him tales of faerie lords and human knights. He never thought they’d be this relevant to his adult life.

Faster Than You Go When You’re Alone by subterrain
Length – 23,983 PG – 13
It’s July 2006 and Jon Walker is kind of selfish, and kind of oblivious, and kind of in love with the drummer. None of these things are making this tour easy.



I am A Camera by iridescentglow
Length – 4,581 R

Spencer collects postcards. He buys one in every town they play and keeps them secreted away in a shoebox.

Take The Weight (Wait) Off by xglimpsex 
Length – 5,626 R
History of Spencer’s Insecurity. 

The Replacement by arctic_grey
Length - 7,200 R
It was just an insignificant tour thing. Spencer had someone waiting for him at home, and they all knew it. Jon was just a replacement, and it certainly didn’t mean anything.

Like Explosions in the Sky by flimsy
Length – 7, 219 R
“You have to do it,” he says. “It’s the only way. Jon, please.” He puts everything in those words, everything he has, all the pain and sorrow and love. “I don’t care. This is not about me.” 

Lucky For You by autumnfades
Length – 12,000 R
Spencer is checking his watch, Prada loafer tapping impatiently, when the door swings open. The guy standing framed in the doorway is short and shirtless, hair dripping into his eyes, and he’s got a towel draped over his shoulders, half of his face covered in shaving cream. His eyes widen and he says, surprise in his voice, “Oh! Fuck, is it Tuesday already?”

Just Like This by silver_etoile  
Length – 12, 293 R
Spencer will not bend to the charms of Jon, the travel agent guy, he won’t, no matter how charming. 


NC - 17

I Want Some Steam On My Clothes by dontleaveiton
Length – 1,400 NC – 17
Brendon waves at him, and Jon smirks. He tilts his bottle towards them, a ‘last night of tour’ salute, and then suddenly he’s being grabbed by the wrist and roughly tugged to his feet.

Don’t Fight It by
Length – 3,052 NC – 17
Jon really, really hadn’t thought it would be quite this hard to corner Spencer and catch him on his own.

Written In Reverse by foxxcub
Length – 6,000 NC - 17
Jon’s been to grad school and has a PhD. He thinks, for the most part, that he’s a fairly intelligent guy. And yet, for some reason, he can’t seem to get his boyfriend to sleep with him.

Last Good Thing About This Part of Town by foxxcub
Length – 6,000 NC – 17
He’s glad Tom’s never asked him if he has regrets, because Jon doubts he’d ever be able to answer.

Your Clock Keeps Skipping On Forwardby delete_entry
Length – 6,317 NC - 17
Spencer loves wearing Jon’s clothing. And really, this works out because Jon loves seeing him in them. Call it a small kink perhaps, but Spencer would kill to walk around wearing nothing more then one of Jon’s shirts for the rest of his life. They always smelled like the laundry soap he uses and a sensual, manly cologne that Jon would occasionally wear that Spencer hated. 

The Spark and the Sound by flimsy
Length – 7,147 NC – 17
Jon tilts his head to the side, shifts his duffel bag, and says to Tom, “That’s the drummer? Smith?” 
“Huh, yeah,” Tom says, surprised. “Grew up, didn’t he?” 

But You Could (Follow Me) by maleyka
Length - 8,495 words. NC – 17
Spencer doesn’t actually remember the very first time he sees Jon Walker. Probably it’s backstage after a show, dripping sweat and buzzing with adrenaline; probably Jon’s the one who hands him a bottle of water Spencer takes with a “Thanks” and without so much as a sideways glance.

Sell Your Body To The Nightby silver_etoile
Length – 9,303 NC - 17
Jon feels bad for this kid. He can’t explain it, but the whole incredibly innocent nature hidden by the cold stripper façade just doesn’t work for him. He wants to take him home and give him hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and cuddle him until he falls asleep.

Can’t Turn Left On Tuesdays by jocondite
Length - 16,540 NC – 17
"I’ve made out with guys a few times," Jon says meditatively. He shrugs and takes a sip of beer, utterly casual, like he’s saying that he’s played a few games of hockey, or played a little guitar in his time.

Two Dog Night by silver_etoile  
Length – 17,267 NC – 17
Jon smiled at her, the same smile he used for everyone, and for a moment, Spencer wondered if he had another smile. Maybe one he would use for someone special, for someone who made his heart beat faster. But Spencer had never seen that one.

Clockwork by holycloud
Length - 17,415 NC – 17
He was dying to touch him, and probably it was what Jon can’t get over as well as his stupidity or anxiousness. So close and so far, Jon thought. He just wanted to hold Spencer, and caress his face, and run his hand through his hair and maybe even kiss him is Spencer would let him. 
Of course, he wanted to have sex with him too for he lusts Spencer more than what he was showing. Jon was aware that tonight, he would let him. He could do ‘whatever he wanted’ as he’s been told earlier

Query Not Where You Wander by silver_etoile
Length – 20,385 NC – 17
Spencer is a little scared to be honest. He’s hearing people’s thoughts. Ryan stares, and for a minute, all Spencer gets is white noise, but then it’s a blur of thoughts flooding his mind.

One of Us Must Know by witheveryspark
Length – 21,500 NC – 17
Spencer is a reporter, and Jon is a photojournalist. They fall slowly, awkwardly in love.

Zebras Don’t Want to Change Their Stripes by silver_etoile
Length – 23,530 NC - 17
With features in Cosmo, covers of Men’s Vogue, and a reputation of driving assistants to tears, Spencer Smith is one of the top models in the industry. He doesn’t take orders from know-nothing, supposedly up-and-coming photographers, so if Jon Walker wants his shoot to go well, he’d better find a way to work this out.

To Be Alone with the Freedom by arctic_grey
Length - 29,500 NC - 17
Jon, a scribe, is called upon one of the city’s wealthiest men to train his pueri – boys raised to become pets for prestigious upper class men. Against his better judgement, Jon begins to develop feelings for one of them.

Once Like a Spark by fiddleyoumust
Length – 31,000 NC - 17
A story about first love and how it messes you up and changes you. AU

And Then Morning Comes by silver_etoile
Length – 31,391 NC – 17
A lot happens in Spencer’s life that he doesn’t expect, but he never expected to lose his best friend so soon. When he finds a crumpled Bucket List at the bottom of a box, Spencer doesn’t expect to finish it, and he certainly doesn’t expect the random guy-next-door to offer to help. Instead, he finds himself embroiled in past issues while trying to finish one life and figure out his own.

Preordained by arctic_grey
Length - 32,200 NC -17
Jon doesn’t see the future. He sees scenarios of what might be, and sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between dreams and visions. But he knows that he is going to meet a guy. Jon knows nothing of him, but he knows the way the guy will make him feel, and even if it was just a blurred vision, Jon knows he’s never felt anything like it.

Here, There Be Monsters by silver_etoile
Length – 33,518 NC – 17
Jon doesn’t consider himself an overly curious person, but when he uproots and moves to a tiny town across the country, he finds that not everything can be ignored, and he isn’t exactly fighting the draw to the strange house on the hill and the person who lives there.

King of Wishful Thinking by foxxcub
Length – 34,000 NC - 17
"I mean…you’re a really great-looking guy." Jon absolutely does not blush harder. "You could have any guy you want for free, and for a lot longer than a week."
“Thanks for the flattery, but like I said, I don’t have time for the bullshit of dating. I want a professional.”

Tonight, I Feel Like More by battleofhydaspe
Length – 39,000 NC – 17
Spencer keeps his phone tucked safely under his pillow. He’s a light sleeper so he wakes up when Jon texts him at 4 a.m. on Wednesday. His eyelids are thick with sleep, the screen too bright as he reads ‘i think i just had a sex dream about you.’

Lift Me Up, It’s a Brand New Day by barker101
Length – 75,000 NC - 17
Jon immediately froze. He was willing to bet that it was another stray cat. Jon had a large, eternal weak spot for stray cats.

Kites, Bass Lines & Heat by arctic_grey
Length – 92,000 NC – 17
After two years of silence, Jon Walker makes a comeback to the Las Vegas underground music scene. In the process he mixes up the life of Spencer, his former lover, who has spent years learning how to hate.

Flowers by the Fire by  peopleexisting
Length – 50 Parts (Word count unkown) NC – 17
 AU. Jon and Brendon live for life and live for love. They paint and they sing and they don’t care for money or security. When they’re kicked out of their flat, and find a rentable room in a house belonging to two, quieter boys called Spencer and Ryan, they move in as soon as possible. But, as Jon will soon find out, everybody has problems, and those problems might just destroy them all.